Mindy Lu's Pies

Retail Outlet

You can purchase the pies directly from the source at Mindy Lu's Pies retail store, located at:

4031 Express Street
Arlington, Texas 76001

We make the pies at this location, so we usually have all your favorite flavors. If you will be purchasing more than 4 dozen pies, call ahead and we'll have your order ready for you.

$10.00 per dozen
$5.00 half dozen
$ 1.00 plus tax for individual pies

Broken pies for $3.00 for a box of nine pies - unwrapped
(when available)

Directions: Drive south on Hwy 287 from I-20, then exit on Eden-Russell Curry Road. Continue south on the access road past Eden Road. Watch for our building on the right, just past the Russell Curry stop sign.